I wanted a place where I could put all the creative things my boyfriend, Ryan, and I, Ash, (thus "rash"), make. so this tumblr was created. eventually we want to make clothing but this tumblr will be more than that. it will be customs as well with a bit of things we like thrown in. that is about it.

Geoffrey Dollars Shenanigans

So not too long ago Ryan’s mother found these in his old bedroom and gave them to him.


That’s right, $21 in Geoffrey dollars. They were marked 1988, making Ryan one when he got them. So we decided we would try to spend them, and that’s when the shenanigans began.

When we went to Toys’R’Us we decided it would be best to stop off at customer service and see if they would even accept them (seeing as how there was no expiration date). The lady we asked had no clue and had to ask her manager but the lady standing next to her looked over and went “OH MY GOD!” The manager laughed when she saw them but said yeah we could use them.

So naturally we headed to the Monster High section. We had been looking for a Scarah for a couple weeks now to no avail. I was making a comment about how Clawdeen was really nice but I really wanted a Scarah when right in the middle of saying her name I found her!


Ryan decided to use his Geoffrey dollars to buy her as she was the only one we saw. We took her and the dollars to the cash register and when the lady gave us the total Ryan laid them down on her counter. She stared at them for a while and then said she had no idea what to do with them because she had never seen them before. She kept looking at them, then her computer, and her manager then decided just to get her manager. The OMG lady walked by and asked how long Ryan had them for and when the manager came over to help she asked if Ryan found them in a book or something. I guess a lot of people have been coming in with them lately. Though they didn’t know what to do with them so they got thrown into a box under the counter. All in all it was a fun adventure that had Ryan and I laughing pretty hard. Plus we ended up only having to pay about $8 for Scarah! :D